Top Cincinnati Acupuncture

Chinese Acupuncture Center
Superior Training and Experience: Mr. Jiang has had eight-year medical training in both western and Chinese medicine, twenty-year clinical experience in acupuncture and herbology, and seven-year research experience in pain study as a neurophysiologist. Expert Service: According to the individual condition, meridian acupoint treatment, auricular point stimulation, reflexology, microcurrent, magnetic cup, ion-pump cord, electromagnetic lamp, moxbustion, acupressure or TweiNa, and QiGong are chosen with different combinations. The center provides service with competitive charge, flexible appointments and no-wait guarantee.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 231-1152

Blatman Pain Clinic
Guanhu Yang has 14 years of experience in Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing in China and Japan. He sees patients at the Blatman Pain Clinic.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 956-3200

Klimick Acupuncture
Klimick Acupuncture in Cincinnati, Ohio is a Chinese Medicine clinic specializing in Five Element acupuncture. Additionally, we are proud to offer pain relief treatments for acute or chronic pain. The unique style of Acupuncture practiced at the clinic provides for very effective, time-proven, and reliable results.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 834-8173

Cole Center For Healing
The Cole Center For Healing offers treatment of health conditions, such as, CP, stroke, MS, lyme disease, brain injury, fibromyalgia, etc. Our philosophy is centered on methods that have the potential to help people become healthy.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 563-4321