Top Grand Rapids Acupuncture

The Wege Institute at Saint Mary's
For over a decade, The Wege Institute for Mind, Body and Spirit at Saint Maryís Health Care has been one of the largest and most experienced integrative health care programs in the United States. With a mission of offering effective, individualized, patient care for the mind, body and spirit, we both complete and enhance mainstream medical care by partnering progressive complementary therapies with mainstream medical services and practitioners.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 685-6868

Holistic Care Approach
Holistic Care Approach was founded on the belief that achieving wellness from within is the key to physical and mental well being. Youíre invited to walk through the doors of one of West Michiganís best-kept secretsóand discover a healthier way of life. Holistic Care Approach is a team of medical doctors, registered nurses, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, nutritional coaches, hypnotherapists, aestheticians, colontheraphists, and other practitioners of alternative treatments. We care about the whole youóbody, mind, and spiritóand we believe that only by balancing the three can you enjoy good health.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 361-9221

Acupuncture of West Michigan
Acupuncture of West Michigan serves Greater Grand Rapids. We offer the best of traditional acupuncture and modern non-invasive pain management strategies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine affect every system of the body. People frequently see us for relief from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, headaches, digestive trouble, infertility, smoking cessation, allergies, menstrual problems, menopause and general wellness.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 855-7718

Born Preventive Health Care Clinic
The Born Preventive Health Care Clinic is a staff of caring physicians and assistants who are dedicated to the health and nutrition of patients. We specialize in finding the cause (not just the effects) of a health problem through extensive research and testing. In addition to preventive care, we offer cutting-edge treatments and, what we believe to be, the finest quality supplements in the world. From our preventive therapies, to our natural supplements, you will feel the difference at the Born Clinic.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 656-3700

ChiroFit Wellness Center
Located in the Gaslight Village near Reed's Lake, this Holistic Wellness Center integrates chiropractic care, fitness strategy, therapeutic massage, and intuitive eating consultations. ChiroFit also hosts workshops on various topics to educate and increase awareness on wellness care.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 458-2348