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Essence of China Acupuncture and Herb Clinic
Essence of China Acupuncture and Herb Clinic is an all-natural holistic clinic, which guides and reinforces patients to use their energy to "heal themselves". Patients will feel the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine in our clinic. What we offer: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Treatment, Cupping, and Moxibustion.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 585-0758

Southside Acupuncture and Wellness Center
At the Southside Acupuncture and Wellness Center, we are committed to providing high quality and affordable acupuncture, counseling, and massage services to assist individuals in their journey toward balance and health. Our services integrate the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with other proven modalities to promote a holistic approach for healing of the body, mind, and spirit in a caring and professional environment.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 791-1171

Indy Acupuncture & Health Services, Inc.
Indy Acupuncture & Health Services, Inc. is dedicated to promoting health and wellness with the traditional Eastern medical techniques of Acupuncture, Herbology, and Lifestyle recommendations. We strive to improve the quality of healthcare through an integrative model, utilizing the accumulated wisdom of different cultures and perspectives. By respecting the body's natural intelligence and individual uniqueness, we offer a pathway for healing in the present. Through our commitment and dedication to a therapeutic relationship with every guest, we provide the knowledge for future self-care.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 255-3030

Yang Health Center
* Our primary focus is to strengthen and support the bodyís natural healing process by using Acupuncture, Herbs, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. We also encourage and educate our patients in self care through diet, exercise, nutrition, etc. * Dr. Yang specialize in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation. * Doctor is caring and knowledgeable with more than 20 years of Acupuncture expertise. * Doctor can speak English, Chinese and Taiwanese dialect. * Our office looks forward to being of service to you and would appreciate your referral to friends and family.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 340-1427

Mangas Chiroprctic
Our mission at Mangas Chiroprctic And Acupuncture and Mangas Alternatives in Wellness is to help the patient meet their individual health goals. We will utilize traditional forms of physiological and Applied Kinesiological examinations as well as computer assisted analysis of the nervous and acupuncture systems to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Our treatment will utilize a combination of traditional chiropractic and acupuncture techniques as well as the use of newer techniques. It is our goal to have a high rate of patient satisfaction, a place where the patient feels at home to share their health concerns, and find answers to the management or improvement of the patientís health. We will try to achieve these results all while making health care affordable.
Location : Indianapolis, IN
Phone : (317) 247-1717