Top Las Vegas Acupuncture

Lee's Oriental Medical Clinic
Our office is committed to promoting the benefits of acupuncture and oriental medicine within the community by providing excellent, competent and caring patient treatment. Dr. Lee specializes in Acupuncture and Herbal treatment and has been practicing in Las Vegas for over 25 years. Dr. Lee is licensed by the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine and has also served as past President of the State Board of Oriental Medicine.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 386-2828

Rhee's Acupuncture Clinic
Serving patients for 34 years, Rhee's Acupuncture Clinic is an acupuncturist facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada and serves the surrounding communities. Customers can depend on the experienced acupuncturists at our facility for an effective alternative to more traditional medical treatment. For hip, knee, and neck pains you should consider getting some of the alternative forms of treatment that we have to offer. We specialize in providing relief and assistance for: Tension Tennis Elbow Shoulder & Neck Pain Spinal Pain Stiffness in Back Hip and Leg Pain
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 732-0051

Duk Acupuncture Clinic
Duk Acupuncture Clinic serves Nevada. Our acupuncture physicians are sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients. Providing effective acupuncture services to our clients is our main objective. At Duk Acupuncture Clinic, we effectively treat:* Neck, shoulder, and back pains* Shingles* Hypertension* Premenstrual syndrome* Muscle spasm* Wrist injuries * Stroke.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (866) 972-2305

The Pain Clinic Inc.
The Pain Clinic is committed to relieving your pain using the combined principles of Chiropractic Care, Activator Technique, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and Massage Therapy. The doctors, Roper Dollarhide, D.C., uses modern chiropractic diversified, drop table and activator adjustive techniques, depending on your needs or preferences, along with physiotherapy including spinal traction. Jessica Walter, O.M.D., uses only disposable acupuncture needles. We also offer Therapeutic massage, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage and Swedish massage.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 368-0508

Vince Link, OMD
We specialize in traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbal therapies. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help almost everyone achieve optimum health... without expensive prescription drugs that often have severe side effects. Our to provide our clients with the most effective, natural healing techniques that have been proven to offer optimal balance, energy and overall health. * Pain relief * Injury healing * Depression treatment * Women's healthcare
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 444-4775