Top Montreal Acupuncturists

Sino Soins
The clinic provides health services of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na (Chinese Massotherapy), etc, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Location : 65 boul Rene Levesque Est,Bureau 106, Montreal, H2X 1N2
Phone : (514)765-3972

Feng Xia Liu
Feng Xia Liu was educated in Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine University, China. Services include acupuncture and naturopathy (traditional chinese medicine).
Location : 1414 Drummond Suite 517 , Montreal, QC H3G 1W1
Phone : (514) 842-2835

Simon Belair
Practising acupuncture in Montreal since 2003, Simon Belair is also a therapist of medical Qi Gong and a student of Tuina. Ailments treated: General ailments, respiratory system, reproductive system, pain, digestive system, circulatory system, auditory system, and more.
Location : 483 Boulevard Saint Joseph, Montreal, QC H8S 2K9
Phone : 514-794-4410

Axion Clinic
Axion clinic's team of professionals have helped patients live without pain and disease. By offering traditional Chinese acupuncture and TCM therapies and strategies, we improve quality of life and provide a great chance for quick, affordable, successful recovery from your problems.
Location : 376 Victoria Suite 106, Westmount, QC H3Z 1C3
Phone : (514) 369-8445

Acupuncture Sean Laflamme
Our mission is foremost to assist people of all ages become proactive in their quest for a healthier life. Through qigong and acupuncture sessions, we wish to impart the principles of healthy living and disease prevention, as well as inspire individuals to find better balance in their lives.
Location : 456 Bld St-Joseph E, Montreal,QC H2J 1J7
Phone : 514-952-0465