Top Quebec City Acupuncturists

Acupuncture clinic in Quebec for 20 years. Offering acupuncture or laser with needles.
Location : 2900 Chemin des Quatre Bourgeois, Quebec, QC G1V 1Y4
Phone : 418-681-8007

Xue-Mei Song
Xue-Mei Song was born in China and remained there for 24 years. So far, she has treated a variety of ailments associated with musculoskeletal pain, sinusitis, allergy-, fatigue, depression, insomnia, to migraine, to digestion, menopause, infertility, the libido and skin etc..
Location : 2940 Rue du Beau Chemin, Lebourneuf , QC G2C 1Y5
Phone : 418-997-4029

Yolande Lacourt, Ac
Yolande Lacourt, Ac has more than 20 years of experience at your service. She is a member of the Quebec Order of the Acupuncturists since 1990.
Location : 1368 Rue Noirefontaine, Quebec, QC G1Y 1N1
Phone : 418-652-3435