Top Spokane Acupuncturists

Jennifer Gallis
Jennifer Gallis is a graduate from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Barbara, California since 1987. She is licenced in the state of Washingon and is Board-exam certified with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is also a diplomat with NCCAOM.
Location : 603 N Oak St, Spokane, WA 99201
Phone : (509)270-0369

Kathy West Acupuncture
Kathy West Acupuncture is an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic located in North Spokane. It is Kathy's goal to provide patients with the highest quality care through natural ways.
Location : 624 W. Hastings Rd Suite 16, Spokane, WA 99218
Phone : (509) 879-2480

Rebekah Giangreco, L.Ac.
Rebekah's treatments blend acupuncture, moxibustion, Acutonics Sound Healing and clinical nutrition. These treatments have benefited her patients and improved her own health dramatically. She specializes in supporting women's health and fertility as well as treating pain from surgery, injury and chronic conditions.
Location : 906 South Cowley, Spokane, WA 99202
Phone : (509) 290-6065

Seth Popham LAc, LMP
Seth Popham LAc, LMP completed a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture through Bastyr University. Bastyrís program includes training in western sciences as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Location : 922 S Cowley St #3, Spokane, WA 99202
Phone : 509.995.7070

Stephanie Schmidt L.Ac.
Stephanie uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to treat patients in a relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere. Her focus is on the patient's main complaint, as well as their overall physical and emotional balance to promote health and well-being.
Location : 1207 W. Northwest Blvd, Spokane, WA 99205
Phone : (509)326-2570